Aaron Germain- Before You Go

My original jazz compositions


This is my second album, released in 2013 with Origin record records.
4 tracks feature the great French-Vietnamese guitarist Nguyen Le.

Brian Andres- San Francisco

Original tunes by San francisco composers for a large Afro-Cuban ensemble. There are 2 of my tunes on this disc.

Beata Pater-Red

Funk jazz with Polish singer.

Dave Haskell- Pivot Point

Modern, guitar based fusion

Alex Conde- Barrio del Carmen

Flamenco piano from Spanish pianist.
I'm on tracks 1,4,5 and 8.

Sparhla Swa- In the Distance


Derek Smith- Pan Montuno

Latin Steel Pan Music

Derek Smith- Latin Expression

Latin music for Steel Pans and Vibraphone

Ken Husbands- Keeping it Going

Ken Husbands' third album of rocking guitar trio music. I went crazy with effects on this one, and play some lead bass that could get mistaken for guitar or synthesizer.

Ken Husbands- Backup Over

Ken's original music, plus arrangements of Leonard Cohen and Bjork. A tune of mine as well.

The United Brassworkers Front

Darren Johnston's Edgy Modern Compositions for a large Brass Ensemble with Bass, Drums and Guitar

Blowout- The Supporting Theory

Original modern Jazz

The Turnaround

Straight-ahead and latin jazz.

Rob Hart Trio- The Art of Improvisation

Modern Jazz

Gerald Beckett- FluteVibes

Straight-ahead Jazz

Chris Gamper- Standard Funk

Funk renditions of jazz standards